Forward Future Episode 8

Meta, Google, HuggingFace, Adobe, and Announcements

This week was absolute insanity for AI news. Just when I thought things were slowing down, it seemed every major AI company launched new products. And even some unexpected companies like Wendy’s! Let’s take a look at all the news!

Google IO Announcements - All About AI

Google I/O 2023 live updates: Pixel Fold, AI in Search announced

Google came out strong with a series of AI announcements during their annual Google IO conference. It’s clear that Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, is transforming Google into an AI-first company. Here are the major announcements:

  • Bard Upgrades - Dark mode, support for 20+ programming languages, Bard moves to PaLM 2, Bard is available to everyone

  • Gmail gets the “help me write” feature, and Docs, Sheets, and Slides all get AI features

  • Google Search will summarize results in quick snippets

  • Partnership with Adobe Firefly - create incredible generative AI art directly from Bard, powered by Adobe Firefly

  • MusicLM goes open to the public

  • Google Maps gets an “immersive mode”

  • PaLM 2 Announced

  • Adobe and Google partner on bringing AR to life

Wendy’s x Google Partnership

In another piece of huge news for Google, they’ve partnered with Wendy’s to bring AI to the drive-thru. Trained on Wendy’s food terminology, this LLM will take orders when customers in Wendy’s test location in Ohio go through their drive-thru. Read more about it here. This is yet another example of GPTs starting to change industries.

Wendy's outlines suite of design options as it ramps up development | Nation's Restaurant News

HuggingFace Launches Transformers Agent

Transformers Agent is an application of the HuggingGPT research paper HuggingFace put out a few weeks ago. It can also be described as a competitor to LangChain. Transformers Agent can leverage thousands of other LLMs and ML models that have been fine-tuned on specific tasks and “programmed” by talking to it in natural language.

Anthropic Launches a 100k context model!

Claude, by Anthropic, just released a new model that takes context sizes to another level, 100k tokens! This is a huge achievement, and the race for context size continues. Right now, you can apply to use Claude or use it directly in Slack immediately. It’s comparable to GPT4, which is saying a lot! I’ll probably make a video comparing it to ChatGPT 4 and some local models.

Meta Releases Their Multi-modal Modal

Meta has been on an absolute tear lately with AI. This week they open-sourced ImageBind: The new ImageBind model combines text, audio, visual, movement, thermal, and depth data. Right now, it’s only a research project, but the fact that they are leaning into open-source is appreciated.

StabilityAI Launches Stable Animation

StabilityAI, the company behind StableDiffusion, launched a new text-to-video product competing directly with Gen2. And it’s open-source, which I appreciate very much. Here’s a video demo of it:

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